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Review Pataal Lok – The Unidentified Treat

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Web series is now the prime time for everyone now. undoubtedly the web series are an integral source of entertainment and launching of any new series creates buzz. But all get successful & blockbuster is not mandatory.



Recently released Amazon Prime web series Patallok is creating a buzz amongst the cadence. the Anushka Sharma production has bright the extremely thrill treat with extremely adventurous script and characters. All the characters in the series have an integral part and the story will take you the way you never thought of. The story us about narrating the meaning of three looks: Swarg Lok, Prithvi Lok, and Patallok even on the earth. interesting yeah!



The interesting story started with a suspending arrest of 4 accused who were charged with the conspiracy & murder of the God of journalism Sanjeev Mehra. The in-charge inspector Hatiram felt relief to have a only high profile case of his life and he never wanted to miss this opportunity to solve this case.



With the various twist and turns, the story takes you to the way where you can’t imagine. with every episode, you will be introduced to the history of the characters and their journey, even objects are focused so strongly that leverages the storyline Apart from this, you got to see some serious hard work to make your family proud, to change the face of the community by achieving something that is tough to get. How 2 police officers fight for their pride, the god of journalism struggles for his truth for the country, and 4 unglorified lives got into the mud. All the answers to the struggles of some unidentified lives you will get to experience in the series.



In short if you love dogs you are a good man
If a dog loves you, you are a good man.



SPOILER ALERT: First ever Indian thrilling web series that dog lover should watch at any cost.



If you are thinking that would be telling you the whole story review, then sorry not sorry as I am not at all interested spoiling your curiosity.



Conclusion: If you enjoy curiosity, adventure, suspense, and some serious hard work goals, then #Pataallok is for you guys.